Raving Fans

Don’t You Hate It When People Talk About You? Well…I Love It!

"My name is Chris Gangone and I had the privilege of being coached by Mike Husson for several years. Mike is a master of everything that goes into being a coach at the highest level possible. His real estate industry knowledge is second to none when it comes to the market and everything that effects it. Mike new exactly what to tell me in anything I faced with building my real estate business in the years I worked with him. He is a master of systems and processes and his knowledge of how to run a business is over the top. Most importantly is that Mike is a master of coaching someone to the highest level possible when it comes to mindset and changing behaviors to develop successful habits that lead to a high level of success.

He combines not only the business element of skills and processes, but the mental part of the game to stretch you to the highest level possible. When working with Mike I also could feel that he really cares on a personal level for the people he coaches. I never felt like I was just a number when working with Mike over the years. He went above and beyond just being a coach by taking an interest in what was happening in my life outside of our business relationship. I was truly blessed to work with Mike for the years we worked together and can say that I am forever grateful for the time we spent with each other."

Chris Gangone, Realtor/Associate, Keller Williams

"Mike, you and Dave have taken us to new levels! Your innovative approaches to sales and marketing were Impressive! You wowed us with your commitment and patience when we needed it most. Thank You!"
Tony Robbins, Chairman

"Mike is truly an inspirational speaker and professional instructor, both of which have contributed to my success in real estate. He worked with me on mindset and taught me the skills necessary to grow a successful business. Mike shows his students how to go after business, not just wait for business to come to them. The insights he shares are based on his many years of success in the real estate industry, using time proven methods that have predictable results. His classes and coaching sessions provide real estate professionals with a defined path to success! I highly recommend him!"
Richard Grochan, Realtor/Associate, Keller Williams

"Mike has been great. I’ve been with Mike since the fall of 2012 except for a 1-year stint where I thought I could save some money and "do it on my own". That 1 year cost me $75,000. Mike helps me in so many ways. Skills, actions, accountability but for me its mindset (between my ears) that he helps the most. Keeps me focused and on track. He is passionate and very good at what he does, and I've proved it the hard way! Worth every penny!"
Scott Ziegler, Remax Real Estate

"Our Nabisco Sales Team enjoyed your workshop presentation relationship selling on Friday. The enthusiasm and professionalism that you demonstrated in your presentation was a real asset and positive factor in our meeting. Thank you again!"
Charlie Porter, Regional Sales Manager, Nabisco

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend the outstanding sales increasing program...My staff found the seminar to be extremely high content, concise and entertaining. We will all be more successful as a result. And the complimentary workshop you provided to us was high energy, high content and very professional."
Jay Shed, Regional Sales Manager, Motorola

"Mike, I want to thank you for your gracious invitation to your time management seminar… your seminar is just packed with value from tried and true fundamentals to the most up to date techniques for being the most effective in managing time. I can recommend your seminars to any one with full confidence that he or she will come away completely satisfied! (You can quote me if you like)

Thank you again for making a positive impact on my life."

John Perry, Mortgage Banker

"Dear Maria Elena, Wow! Thank you so much for bringing Mike Husson to our office. What a powerhouse! What a shot of optimism! What a great presentation! He is inspirational, believable, and empowering!

Thank you for your caring and your professionalism. "

Paula Mark, Luxury Homes Inc. GMAC

"Just a few weeks since the training and already we have utilized many of your techniques. On several accounts, we have actually doubled our revenue because we went back and did a better job understanding the customer's business from the ground up. Thanks!"
Bob Crook, Regional Sales Manager, AT&T Communications

"On behalf of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Insurance Division I want to sincerely thank you for a masterful presentation on motivational techniques. Mike, I have received very exciting feedback from many of the attendees...people left the seminar with incredible enthusiasm and were most anxious to apply your thoughts, comments, and ideas into action. As chairman of that particular breakfast, I want to profoundly thank you for a sensational presentation."
James Asher, President, Asher Insurance Group

"Mike, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your presentation to the Hialeah S.W.A.T. Team on the Mentally Tough concepts. The team member enjoyed the presentations. Your enthusiastic and dynamic style of the presentation was motivational and kept everyone interested."
Lieutenant U. del Toro, S.W.A.T. Team Commander, City of Hialeah, FL

"Your energetic participation in our recent sales meeting was very much appreciated... It's always a successful meeting when the audience can take away some important and useful information as we did from your presentation. We found your enthusiasm to be very contagious--a wonderful note on which to end our series of meetings last week."
James R. Letzel, Vice President, RR Donnelley & Sons Company

"I am writing this letter by way of thanks and testimonial for your efforts in helping my employees...I was very impressed with the time you spent with my people and for the many sales ideas you shared with them during your presentation."
Marc E. Cram, Sales Manager, Waddell and Reed Financial

"Thank you! Mike, you went beyond the call of duty! When we read your mission statement on your literature we actually said ‘sure’. Then you delivered! We really thought that the loan process was difficult until we met you. Not only did you save us time and money but you made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. If you ever need a job at 3M, let me know. We could always use a pro like you. All the best!"
Julian and Rita Stewart, Mike’s Client, Cocoa Beach, FL