Investing in Real Estate Is For Everyone!

Great day,

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been working on a few key projects looking to identify what the market can use to begin shaping their businesses going forward.

As most of you know my background, I’ve had a few key experiences that have influenced and shaped my career from…

Owing restaurants and a comedy club, real estate investing, retail real estate sales, mortgage banking, and an event production business working with Tony Robbins, Les Brow, Brian Tracy, and other great thought leaders.

Today, a lot of my work revolves around coaching and training some of the very best real estate agents, investors, title companies, and mortgage bankers.

Now, because of the market shifts, I decided to put a focus on Investing in Real Estate.

The great part about investing … is that anyone can do it!

  • As a licensed agent you must be investing… minimally to get more listings, earn more profits and better commissions.
  •  Maybe you’re in another business that was downsized or you want to make a change and investing in real estate has intrigued you and it’s something you can freely pivot into without even getting a license.
  • Or… you’re looking for a lucrative side hustle.
  • Or … you want to stick with what you’re currently doing, and you realize that real estate investing is a great way to help others and create wealth for you and your family.
  • If any of those points interest you… this is a perfect storm of opportunity to invest.

As a coach, I help others solve problems. As my clients in the real estate industry know… real estate is the same.

When you can help solve a problem for others … there’s cash flow and wealth creation.  A win/win!

The great part is when you have an open mind, the right skills, and the know-how… very little money is required with real estate to make a positive impact on your bank accounts.

Some of the wealthiest folks on this planet have done so by investing in real estate.

Just last week, one of my coaching clients sold a property that’s in distress to a buyer for $350,000.  His client is fixing it up for a few bucks and reselling it for around $475,000!

My client, who is an agent, will get two commissions and the investor is doing pretty darn good too!

That’s one of many opportunities and I’m glad to say this could be you as well!

So, please keep on the look out for more details on an upcoming Group Workshop on Real Estate Investing.

Reach out or leave a comment below about your thoughts on investing.



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