Principles of Greatness – Take Responsibility – Part 1

Know that all of you have greatness within...

I must take responsibility for my actions, my well-being and the attainment of my maximum potential.
Focus on what you can change and not on what you can’t. Work on improving yourself instead of focusing on trying to change others. Act on your potential to learn and grow and start sharing your experiences, knowledge, and insights with others. Initiate change; condition your mind to be flexible, and accept responsibility for your actions and behavior.
We need to be mindful each day of the fact that we are responsible for our actions. We can choose to reinvent ourselves; true leaders lead themselves first. People look at
your behavior in two ways; you are either an example or you’re a warning. If you want things to change, start now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plan, let alone a perfect plan. What matters is getting to it and executing. Everything else will fall into place.
If your community has a problem, schedule a meeting with concerned neighbors. If your workplace has an issue, gather for coffee with like-minded colleagues. If your family has a conflict, open new lines of communication. Your efforts may not lead to a viable plan of action, but you’ll never come close to developing a solution unless you begin.
Right now… ask yourself…”What is my intention every day?”

A recent Rave Review

Always talking about me!!!

My name is Chris Gangone and I had the privilege of being coached by Mike Husson for several years.  Mike is a master of everything that goes into being a coach at the highest level possible.  His real estate industry knowledge is second to none when it comes to the market and everything that effects it.  Mike new exactly what to tell me in anything I faced with building my real estate business in the years I worked with him. He is a master of systems and processes and his knowledge of how to run a business is over the top. Most importantly is that Mike is a master of coaching someone to the highest level possible when it comes to mindset and changing behaviors to develop successful habits that lead to a high level of success.

He combines not only the business element of skills and processes but the mental part of the game to stretch you to the highest level possible.  When working with Mike I also could feel that he really cares on a personal level for the people he coaches.  I never felt like I was just a number when working with Mike over the years. He went above and beyond just being a coach by taking an interest in what was happening in my life outside of our business relationship.  I was truly blessed to work with Mike for the years we worked together and can say that I am forever grateful for the time we spent with each other.

Chris Gangone – Keller Williams – 615-243-7931


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Are you:

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Do you:

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks!  Mike




Have a problem? Ask some questions…

Four Magical Words... What do you think?

Take the biggest problem you are dealing with right now, and instead of trying solve it willy-nilly, force it through the question gauntlet below. By asking questions instead being frustrated, questions provide an opportunity to gain clarity and they help to identify solutions and action steps fast.

Remember also that questions will help to keep your emotions between  the lines.

Identifying the problem:
What seems to be the trouble?
How do I feel about _____________?
What concerns me the most about _____________?
What seems to be my main obstacle? ___________
What is holding me back from _________________?

How do I want ____________ to turn out?
What do I want?
What is my desired outcome?
What benefits would I like to get out of X?
What do I propose?
What is my plan?

Then say the magical four words at least 10 times today:  What do you think?

Make it a great day!  Mike

What’s most important in the selling process?

Prospecting? Closing Skills, or the Presentation?

The all important question from today’s blog title… Think about this and please share your thoughts…  agree or disagree?

In all the audiences where I pose the above question…the answers are mixed.  Some say that if you don’t prospect…there is no one to present to or close.  Others say, the if you prospect and present…the close is most important.  Interestingly enough…very few, if any, will say that presentation is most important.

Here is something to think about…we all agree that you have to prospect to find clients to make a presentation so you can close for a signature. Make sense?  So here’s a couple of questions… what if you set an appointment but your presentation skills are sub par?  Would you really be that motivated to prospect for clients to meet with?  And even if you did go on a presentation with sub par skills … would there be a greater chance that you’d get more objections and have a lower chance of closing the deal?  What do you think?

So, here’s my belief and why… and that is the presentation is most important.   As a well trained presenter, with an organized, professional presentation, delivered to a qualified prospect, do you think that you’d get very few objections?  Would you need a bunch of fancy closing techniques to get the contract signed?  A reality check… your ego will survive and the thought is this… if your presentation skills are sub-par, would you, honestly, be motivated to prospect?  Probably not!  Why?  A lousy presenter will not prospect…because if they can’t make a great presentation or worse yet they fear they will look bad or fail…they say to themselves..”why prospect, I can’t present anyway!”

The bottom line?  Become great at the presentation!  You’ll enjoy prospecting more because you cannot wait to get in front of the next prospect to present to them and when you do get in front of them…the close will be a natural outcome because of the great presentation you did.  Make sense?

So to help you become the best presenter that I know you can be… here some tips that you can start to implement right away that will give you great confidence, reduce your fears and will for sure help you to make more money!

First… Master your presentation for your business.  Second, join  and great group of like-minded folks with the goal of becoming great presenters.  Finally, below I listed 10 Fundamentals of the Great Presenters… and in my next post… I’ll give you … “The 18 Qualities of Great Presenters”…  let me know if you have others ideas as well…



1.  BELIEF – Have a strong Inner Game

  • You must believe that what you are offering is important and will have a major impact on people’s lives. (In order to affect others you must first be affected.)
  • Belief Systems that say:  “I am powerful and effective and people enjoy listening to me.” – “I am humorous.” – “I enjoy persuading.”

2.  Physiology – Body language is more powerful than your words

  • Utilize everything you have
  • Own the stage.
  • The more you move the more you impact people.
  • Rules of Physiology
  • Must be resourceful
  • Must be relaxed/enjoyable
  • Must be flexible
  • Must be dramatic and humorous
  1. KNOW YOUR OUTCOME – What’s your goal?
  • The unconscious will produce if you keep reminding yourself of your outcome.
  1. RAPPORT – People like people who are like themselves
  • Care about your audience
  • Pace your audience
  • Start where they are.
  • Lead them to where you want them to be.
  1. MANIPULATION OF YOUR AUDIENCE (That’s what they are paying you for.)
  • Ask questions.
  • Break their pattern. Their thoughts!
  • Being totally associated to what you are talking about will get the audience associated.
  • Building pressure and releasing it causes impact. You want to create pressure and tension in a room.  People want pressure.  It excites them.

6. Behavior Flexibility

  • If you try something that doesn’t work then try something else.
  • Be flexible in delivery and emotions.  (VAK)
  • Do the unexpected.
  1. Challenge your audience.
  • Set up pre-frames.
  • What does this mean?
  • What will it do for you?
  • Ask challenging questions.
  • People respond to challenges.
  • Make direct challenges to individuals.
  • Use gestures, eye contact, questions.
  • You have to have guts.
  1. Energy
  • Pure physical energy is attractive in our culture.
  • Power, charisma, sexuality

9.  Utilization –

  • Whatever happens in the environment, find a way to use it to support your outcome.
  • Ask: “How can I use this?”
  1. HAVE FUN!

Additional Tips:

1)  Cut out internal dialogue.  It decreases effectiveness.  Focus on the outside.

2)  Stay fully associated to what you are talking about.

3)  Rev up pressure in your body and pour it on your audience.  Energy will come back to you.

Put the 10 points to use in your next presentation.  Please reach out if you have any questions.

Great day now!  Mike

10 Steps to a Strong Second Half

Realtors and Investors - You Can Win!

Good morning!

As you begin the 3rd quarter of 2017 (the next 90 days), there are some thoughts and action steps to consider catapulting you into a great summer, fall season and the rest of the year. REVIEW THIS DAILY AND CHECK OFF AS YOU DO THEM… DAILY REFLECTIONS. First is to keep in your thoughts and some key questions to ask yourself:

The keys to making any work is the a desire and the decision that you want it to work…once done.. act on the 4 steps

1. How is my Mindset & Beliefs?  What needs to be clear?

2. What is my Motivation – Do I have clear reasons and plan to achieves my goals?

3. Am I as good as I think I am?  How are my Skills – the How to’s?

4. Do I know a lot but I take no action?  What  Actions do I need to take now?

Every 90 days is about concentration of efforts.  Remember what you do today pays off in 60 – 90 days.  There is no secret here.  “What am I doing today that will payoff for me in the next 90 days?”Start now using zero based thinking:  “Knowing what I now know, what is going well and what do I need to do different?”  Start now to do something about it.What are your goals for the next 90 days?

  • “What is an aggressive goal?”
  • “What is a minimum standard goal?”
  • “What is or what am I allowing to stand in my way?”
  • “What skills do I need to get better at?”
  • “What are the action steps?”

There are 10 steps that you can take to achieve a minimum of four or more listings per month for the remainder of the year.  How much you will get will be determined by how bad you want it!

1. Clean up your center of influence and past client database

a. If you are not going to call them eliminate them from your database

b. Set up a strategy to call 10-15 daily and communicate monthly via technology

2. Call every lead that you have today and set an appointment or throw them out.

a. Old leads create a false sense of security

b. Old leads create complacency

c. Old leads keep us from prospecting

3. Commit 100% to getting out of your comfort zone and complacency and prospect a minimum of two hours a day!

a. Expired

b. For sale by owner

c. Centers of influenced. Past clients

e. Just listed and just sold calls

f. What else can you think of?

4. Pre-qualify 100% all of your clients

a. 100% sellers

b. 100% buyers

c. You do not want to leave yourself open

5. Practice the entire listing presentation and chant 3 to 4 times per day – takes 20 minutes 4x 

a. Perfect the skill, perfect the skill, perfect the skill…

b. Like all professional athletes they perfect the skill

6. Upgrade everything

a. Your listing presentation

b. Your pre-listing package

c. The clothing you where

d. Your mindset

e. Your attitude

f. Your customer service

g. Read more positive information

7. Learn every objection more than ever before!

a. Practice drill and rehearse like never before

b. Download the 40 objections

c. Take the most common objections you get right them down and put to memory the answers

d. Remember the seller wins when you hesitate!

8. 30 minutes of intense script practice every morning and 15 minutes before every listing presentation

a. You want to be prepared

b. You want to be jacked up

c. You want a 90 to 95% closing ratio on all appointments!d. Make it intense!

9. Prepare to master repetitious boredom

a. Follow the schedule that we give you – it works!

b. Remember if you keep changing throughout the day everything that you do you’ll never create the consistency for what you need to have or develop the right skills!c. Set up your environment for prospecting to make it fun and exciting; stand up, play music in the background, have your goals and dream board to review while prospecting, put your scripts on the wall, use a headset, and use an automated dialer like Arch agent.

10. Have Blind Faith … 

a. Mindset: “I am the _______!”

b. Motivations: “I want _______?”

c. Skills: “I can ________?”

d. Action: “Today I will ________?”

Remember that repetition is the mother of skill. The above may not be easy, however, it is really quite simple… and the payoff?  Watch out!!!  Keep at it, keep the focus on the schedule and avoid distractions, let everyone in your world including clients, family and friends your plans for the above.

Any questions on the above… email me to: – Subject line: 10 steps or call me 954-210-5565

Make today and the next 90 days great!

Coach Mike